Inexpensive Upholstery Cleaning Service in UK

Upholstery in our homes are as susceptible to dust, dirt and allergens as other household items. To get your upholstery cleaned quickly and effectively choose Ariston Cleaning Services. We offer Sofa cleaning service, Arm-chair cleaning service, Mattress cleaning service, Bed headboard cleaning service, and Foot Stool cleaning service.  There are various techniques of cleaning that the cleaning technician will decide upon after thorough inspection.

We provide stellar upholstery cleaning service that extends from finest silk to the toughest leather. Our custom-made solutions will bring back your sofa, armchair, mattress or curtains to its original sheen without causing any damage. We employ ecofriendly and soft detergents that are not harsh on the fabric as well leather.

We employ intensive clean concentrates on a mixture of elbow grease along with the latest technological advancements in equipment to deliver a reliable and successful soft furnishing treatment & maintenance. For sofa and arm chairs that are used frequently, we use pretreatment stubborn stains to wipe off every speck of dust completely.

Hot Water Extraction Upholstery Cleaning

Our technician will bring his equipment and detergents on site. He will skillfully hover to remove accumulated dust particles and will pretreat any visible stains with professional detergents. We use the hot water extraction cleaning for synthetic and wool upholstery. The technician will leave an air-mover in the room, for the duration of the service, to speed up the drying process that normally takes about 3-7 hours.

In Dry Cleaning method, technician will inspect the fabric to determine the treatment needed. He will pre-treat any existing stains to prepare the item for the actual dry cleaning. After the pretreatment, the technician will apply a dry solvent and rub it in with a device with rotating brushes.

Dry Foam Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstery is carefully brushed and vacuum-cleaned, and a coat of pre-conditioning spray is applied to loosen the accumulated dirt. This is layered with another special cleaning foam and is left to settle. After 10 minutes, crystallized substance is removed with a powerful vacuum cleaner. You will be able to use the item after about an hour.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

After careful inspection and a little test performed on non-visible patch of the leather, the technician will apply a foam leather cleaner all over the item. It will effectively absorb all the dirt within few minutes. He then uses a soft brush to work the cleaning solution. Finally, he will wipe the piece with a cotton cloth. When the upholstery is perfectly clean, the technician will apply a leather rejuvenator.